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Kyle Amore

Kyle has been passionate about fantasy sports since elementary school. It started in the mid-90s, tallying Sunday NFL box scores in the Monday morning newspaper. That evolved into season-long NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and European soccer fantasy leagues in current formats, as well as DFS. His love for sports started at an early age, and led to a collegiate and semi-pro (Italy) career in baseball. Besides playing, his love for dissecting rosters started when he got his hands on Major League Baseball featuring Ken Griffey Jr. on the Nintendo 64. Since his playing days, he’s dedicated the past seven years to writing numerous fantasy baseball articles, joining podcasts and dissecting team perspectives by bringing first-hand knowledge to hitting/pitching mechanics. Minor league prospects have been a focal point in not only his articles, but his research. A graduate of Tommy John University, he’s been known to talk rehab, as well as long-term outcome, in an area he specializes in.
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