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Senior Bowl Interview With TE Jaheim Bell, Florida State

An interview from the Senior Bowl with Jaheim Bell, a rising star at the TE position in this year’s draft class.

MOBILE, AL - FEBRUARY 03: Tight End Jaheim Bell #6 of Florida State from the American Team on a catch and run up the middle during the 2024 Reese's Senior Bowl at Hancock Whitney Stadium on the campus of the University of South Alabama on February 3, 2024 in Mobile, Alabama. The National Team defeated the American Team 16 to 7. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Our very own Justin Jaksa was able to talk to some 2024 NFL Draft prospects at the Senior Bowl this year! Here is a conversation between Jaksa, some other reporters, and Florida State TE Jaheim Bell:

Reporter 1: Where are you most comfortable lining up?

Bell: It’s wherever the coaches want to see me at, but I feel most comfortable at the H-Back position, right in the slot position.

Reporter 2: With that FSU team really special run last year. What was it like having all those guys, a lot of them coming in from the transfer portal? You, Keon, big names, coming in and going on such a great run?

Bell: We just all came in, a lot of transfer guys. We just came in and hit the standards and goals that the coaches set for us. That’s what led us to have such a great season that we had.

Reporter 3: Such a pleasure watching your college career. What are you most excited about in this next chapter of your football career?

Bell: I’m just excited to see where my life is going to be at. I know it’s a lot of things that’s ahead of me, I’m trying to take it day-by-day, not try and look to far ahead. Just wherever God takes me, I’ll be excited for sure.

Reporter 3: What’s been your favorite part of this week at the Senior Bowl, so far?

Bell: Just being around these NFL coaches. Just seeing the different things that they [have us] go through, the different types of schemes, it’s been exciting to be around that.

Reporter 4: What do you offer an NFL team?

Bell: A very explosive guy. I’m coming in to work my ass off, so whoever gets me, that’s what they’d be getting.

Reporter 4: Do you consider your blocking, what are your blocking skills like?

Bell: I feel like my blocking skills are getting better.

Reporter 4: Who were your favorite players growing up?

Bell: My favorite player would probably be Cam Newton. When I was growing up, I used to play quarterback, and I always wanted to be like him.

Reporter 5: So how is it out here playing with all these top-ranked college players?

Bell: It feels good, basically like an All-Star game. Just being around all these guys, that’s top dogs at their schools, coming together as one team, it just feels good to see where we going.

Reporter 5: What was your favorite team growing up?

Bell: I didn’t have one.

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Justin: This is all like the ultimate job interview when you come here. You have to check off some boxes, what are some of the boxes you are looking to check off while you’re here at the Senior Bowl?

Bell: For me, the biggest thing that I wanna check off is to show that I can maintain my blocks at point of contact. I showed them that, and you know what I can do with the ball in my hands, I’m very explosive, so I just wanna show that.

Justin: Talk about that, your explosiveness, you’re going to be a tight end at the next level eventually here, what do you offer to the tight end fraternity per se; how do you look at yourself as a weapon at the tight end position?

Bell: My vertical speed, I’m a threat with my speed, I use my speed very well. I feel like whoever drafts me they are getting someone that is very explosive, a guy that loves football.

Justin: I’ve followed your career and some of the comparisons watching your game, you’re like a David Njoku-type player, a Miami guy. Do you see any similarities with Njoku, have you had a chance to watch him at all?

Bell: Yeah I have, but a lot of people try to compare me to other people. I really don’t like being compared, I like just being myself. I feel like I’m one of one. Just being the best version of myself, that’s what I try and do every day.

Justin: Are you going to the combine?

Bell: Yes, I’ll be there.

Justin: Well good luck at the combine, I know that’s a big deal to be around other guys at the combine in front of more scouts, so good luck to you!

Bell: Thank you!