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Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

Cam gives a quick update on his power rankings heading into Week 16.

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - DECEMBER 3: Deebo Samuel #19 of the San Francisco 49ers scores a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 3, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

The games are dwindling down and we are now into the final three weeks of the year. There are still 26 out of 32 teams with some shot at making the playoffs, while four teams are already in. This is what the NFL has strived for, true parity.

I can’t remember such a topsy-turvy, and unpredictable year as this.With three weeks to go until the playoffs begin, anyone who can say they know who’ll be in the Super Bowl, is lying. The closest thing to a sure thing at the moment is the San Fransisco 49ers. The Eagles are on a three game losing streak, the Cowboys just got destroyed in Buffalo, and nobody really believes in the Lions yet. Oh, and then there’s whoever comes out of the NFC South. By default it looks like it will be the Niners representing the NFC. This week’s game between the Niners and the Ravens will be interesting. It could be a Super Bowl preview, and will be a fantastic measuring stick for the two teams.

With this being Christmas week for all those who celebrate the season, the hustle and the bustle are at their peak. We all have last-minute shopping to do and grocery lists to fill. Our companies have their Christmas parties and there just seems to be less time in the day as the hours click off the clock.

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With that in mind, this week’s list will be just that:

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings
  1. San Francisco 49ers
  2. Baltimore Ravens
  3. Miami Dolphins
  4. Cleveland Browns
  5. Detroit Lions
  6. Kansas City Chiefs
  7. Dallas Cowboys
  8. Philadelphia Eagles
  9. Houston Texans
  10. Indianapolis Colts
  11. Cincinnati Bengals
  12. Buffalo Bills
  13. Jacksonville Jaguars
  14. Los Angeles Rams
  15. Seattle Seahawks
  16. Denver Broncos
  17. New Orleans Saints
  18. Pittsburgh Steelers
  19. Minnesota Vikings
  20. Green Bay Packers
  21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  22. New York Giants
  23. Chicago Bears
  24. Tennessee Titans
  25. Las Vegas Raiders
  26. Atlanta Falcons
  27. Los Angeles Chargers
  28. New York Jets
  29. Carolina Panthers
  30. Arizona Cardinals
  31. Washington Commanders
  32. New England Patriots

It’s exciting when the top two teams face off against each other. It’s always exciting to see it at the college level, when No .1 plays No. 2, and it will be intriguing to watch it this week when San Fransisco battles Baltimore. Both teams have their divisions well in hand, but the No. 1 seed and bye for both conferences could be at stake in this game.

Happy Holidays to you all, and for those of you who do celebrate Christmas, may your stockings be filled with your fantasy team winning.