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Bring The Pain | The Bill-lievable 10-team Mock Draft

In this episode of Bring the Pain, I reviewed my 10-team mock draft that I recently did that resulted in what I Bill-lieve could have won me a championship if this was a real draft. Hear my opening thoughts as I describe my mind and thoughts as I try to smash any draft I do. After calling out the win for the KISS division in the Scott Fish Bowl 11, I showed that I could draft a better team than some of the best experts out there. I lost Christian McCaffery that year, but what put me at the top was doing what I do best, and that’s a draft, which may be why I haven’t been invited back since then. However there’s no love lost as I talked about all of the players I picked and why I picked them, which gave this team a story. Yes, a fantasy football team can have a story, and you’ll hear how you can write that novel in this podcast. Have a great day, everyone, and may the drafts be with you.