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Bring The Pain | The Christian Kingdom of Brocktopia

On the latest episode of Bring the Pain, I previewed this week’s NFL Championship games while getting you ready to win some more money. With so many experts giving out their advice, it may seem like everything looks the same when you step back and look at all the calls everyone is making. That is where you’ll need to be different, and with the information in this podcast, you’ll be able to sway from the pack. That means either you’ll be ready to cash and smash the slates all day Sunday. Throw in this week’s Macho pick of the week, and you’ll start to see this lineup unfolding before your eyes. After that, you’ll have to head over and check out my Ultra Contrarian Show for the rest of the missing pieces to this DFS painting i’m trying to create for you all. Have a great day, everyone, and may the points be with you.