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Bring The Pain | The Catwalk Is Calling Your Name Gee

On this intense episode of Bring The Pain, I thought it would be fun to let all of my frustrations out on Halloween. With the ghouls that showed up dressed as the Raiders, I had no other choice but to unleash the true painbringer. One thing that could have made watching the Las Vegas Raiders even more putrid, would be if I was actually a fan. All things aside, the Lions played a great game and outside of that pick-six, should have beaten that team down like candy aisle on Halloween. I talk about how this game plus one player, in particular, affected the outcome for many of us in our seasonal fantasy football leagues. You’ll need to buckle up for this one because I go hard from front to back. Also, my statements in no way, shape or form, share the views of anyone else on our staff. However, I’m sure they’ll agree with me, that the Raiders really need to move on from Josh McDaniels. Enjoy this wild episode and as always, may the points be with you.