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Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Mock Draft: Should You Draft Marvin Harrison Jr. Or Malik Nabers?

Jeremy drops his one-man Dynasty Rookie Mock Draft ahead of the NFL Combine.

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 25: Marvin Harrison Jr. #18 of the Ohio State Buckeyes scores a touchdown against Junior Colson #25 of the Michigan Wolverines during the fourth quarter in the game at Michigan Stadium on November 25, 2023 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

I absolutely love the talent in this year’s draft class. The wide receiver position in particular is loaded with talent; I have 25 wide receivers rated as worth drafting in Dynasty fantasy football. I have been watching a lot more film of my lower-ranked wide receivers recently, and they are so talented that I would like to move them up, but I just can’t because the players ahead of them are really good as well. An example is wide receiver Javon Baker out of UCF. I really like his tape and playing style, but he is all the way down at WR22 for me, as the players ahead of him are just as good.

The quarterback position has two superstars in Caleb Williams and Drake Maye, and then a second tier of just Jayden Daniels for me. Daniels could develop into a superstar, but right now I question his arm strength and ability to make all of the NFL throws. Then I see a tier of four players who could be starters in the NFL if drafted into the correct situation: Bo Nix, J.J. McCarthy, Michael Penix Jr. and Michael Pratt. I also have a wild card at quarterback in Spencer Rattler. He was once a top prospect, and I can’t wait to see his Combine and Pro Day numbers.

Then we have a weak tight end class this year, especially compared to last year’s draft class. We have one superstar in Brock Bowers and then a distant second tier with Ja’Tavion Sanders and Theo Johnson, and a third tier with Cade Stover, Jaheim Bell, and Ben Sinnott.

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And last but not least, we have the running back position, which I do not believe is as bad as everyone else is saying. I don’t see a superstar in this group, but I can definitely see six starters coming out of this group, and I have a second tier of five players who could contribute as members of a running back committee or as third-down backs. The six possible starters I can see in this draft are Braelon Allen, Blake Corum, MarShawn Lloyd, Trey Benson, Ray Davis, and Jonathon Brooks.

I am trying to get as many second, third, and fourth-round picks as I can in my rookie drafts this year as I feel if I don’t have a top-seven pick, then I want to trade back and add as many picks as possible. This year’s draft is very top-heavy with a select few superstars, but there is a also ton of talent at every position in this class.

Without further ado, let’s get started on this one-man Mock Draft. I will be drafting four rounds as though I am in a 1-QB PPR Dynasty leauge.

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2024 1-QB PPR Dynasty Mock Draft

Round 1
  • 1.01: Marvin Harrison Jr., WR1 — Ohio State
  • 1.02: Malik Nabers, WR2 — LSU
  • 1.03: Brock Bowers, TE1 — Georgia
  • 1.04: Rome Odunze, WR3 — Washington
  • 1.05: Brian Thomas Jr., WR4 — LSU
  • 1.06: Troy Franklin, WR5 — Oregon
  • 1.07: Caleb Williams, QB1 — USC
  • 1.08: Drake Maye, QB2 — North Carolina
  • 1.09: Jayden Daniels, QB3 — LSU
  • 1.10: Ladd McConkey, WR6 — Georgia
  • 1.11: Xavier Worthy, WR7 — Texas
  • 1.12: Roman Wilson, WR8 — Michigan

Round 1 Analysis: This is probably not how most rookie drafts will go because there will be a couple of fantasy managers who will push running backs up the board because everyone feels that they must have a running back. But I think if everyone simply drafts the best player available, we will have eight or more wide receivers go in the first round of most rookie drafts. Everyone should be drafting wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. as pick 1.01 in non-Superflex drafts. If they do not, the 1.02 is getting a gift of the best skill-position player in the 2024 NFL Draft. You will also see the top tight end in this year’s draft class, Brock Bowers go in the top five of most 1-QB rookie drafts. Even in 1-QB, it is also more than likely that at least two of the three top quarterbacks are off the board in the first round. I have all three of the top quarterbacks in this draft class going ahead of the first running back in this draft class. I think there is a ton of talent in this draft class and a drop after the first seven or so true studs, so if you have a rookie pick 1.08 or later then I would suggest trading that pick for multiple later picks, as there will be a lot of good players available after the first round this year.

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Round 2
  • 2.01: Braelon Allen, RB1 — Wisconsin
  • 2.02: Blake Corum, RB2 — Michigan
  • 2.03: Keon Coleman, WR9 — Florida State
  • 2.04: Malachi Corley, WR10 — Western Kentucky
  • 2.05: Xavier Legette, WR11 — South Carolina
  • 2.06: Ricky Pearsall, WR12 — Florida
  • 2.07: MarShawn Lloyd, RB3 — USC
  • 2.08: Trey Benson, RB4 — Florida State
  • 2.09: Jonathon Brooks, RB5 — Texas
  • 2.10: Ray Davis, RB6 — Kentucky
  • 2.11: Bo Nix, QB4 — Oregon
  • 2.12: J.J. McCarthy, QB5 — Michigan

Round 2 Analysis: This is why I am saying to trade back or trade your aging veterans for second and third-round picks this year: There is a ton of talent drafted here in Round 2, and still a lot of talent left on the board. With no RBs drafted in Round 1, this round turns into a running-back-heavy round. I have six running backs going in this round, along with my two remaining top-five QBs and four more very talented wide receivers. There are five or six players being drafted here that be backend first-round rookie picks in most years. I absolutely love three players in this round. Those three are WR Malachi Corley, WR Ricky Pearsall, and RB Braelon Allen. I believe these three could be breakout stars immediately, like Puka Nacua and Tank Dell before them.

Round 3
  • 3.01: Jamari Thrash, WR13 — Louisville
  • 3.02: Bucky Irving, RB7 — Oregon
  • 3.03: Audric Estime, RB8 — Notre Dame
  • 3.04: Adonai Mitchell, WR14 — Texas
  • 3.05: Devontez Walker, WR15 — North Carolina
  • 3.06: Dylan Laube, RB9 — New Hampshire
  • 3.07: Jacob Cowing, WR16 — Arizona
  • 3.08: Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE2 — Texas
  • 3.09: Will Shipley, RB10 — Clemson
  • 3.10: Theo Johnson, TE3 — Penn State
  • 3.11: Jalen McMillan, WR17 — Washington
  • 3.12: Michael Penix Jr., QB6 — Washington

Round 3 Analysis: There are so many talented wide receivers in this draft that some of the top running backs and tight ends are being pushed down the draft board. Being able to get running backs Bucky Irving, Audric Estime, and Dylan Laube in the third round is great value. After tight end Brock Bowers comes off the board in the top five, I don’t have another tight end coming off the board until this round, and while both Ja’Tavion Sanders and Theo Johnson are not going to be superstars, they are still going to be solid starters in the NFL. And we also still have some very talented wide receivers being drafted, even though I have them ranked as WR13 through WR17. These wide receivers could be starters or at least significant contributors in year one. I absolutely love Jamari Thrash even though he is my WR13, so keep an eye out for where he gets drafted in April.

Round 4
  • 4.01: Brendan Rice, WR18 — USC
  • 4.02: Luke McCaffrey, WR19 — Rice
  • 4.03: Jaylen Wright, RB11 — Tennessee
  • 4.04: Cody Schrader, RB12 — Missouri
  • 4.05: Michael Pratt, QB7 — Tulane
  • 4.06: Cade Stover, TE4 — Ohio State
  • 4.07: Ben Sinnott, TE5 — Kansas State
  • 4.08: Ja’Lynn Polk, WR20 — Washington
  • 4.09: Johnny Wilson, WR21 — Florida State
  • 4.10: Jaheim Bell, TE6 — Florida State
  • 4.11: Javon Baker, WR22 — UCF
  • 4.12: Jawhar Jordan, RB13 — Louisville

Round 4 Analysis: This is typically the last round of Dynasty Rookie Drafts, and I am usually sifting through the bottom of my rankings to find good players to draft, but not this year. Every player I have selected here in Round 4 has an intriguing skill set that can translate to the NFL. The round starts with Jerry Rice’s son and Christian McCaffery’s brother being selected, so you know the NFL bloodline is there with those two players. We have the last of my tier three tight ends and tier fourand tier five running backs come off the board in this round, but they are still very good and intriguing prospects. And just like I talked about at the beginning of this article, Javon Baker, my WR22, is just as talented as plenty of the names much higher above him, so to get him with pick 4.11 in a rookie draft is outstanding value and could be the steal of the draft.