NFL analyst and former Pro Bowl WR Keyshawn Johnson made headlines this past week when he made some pretty controversial comments surrounding QBs Joe Burrow and Dak Prescott, implying he prefers Prescott as a player.

Comparing the two players really doesn’t make much sense at all when you consider that Burrow was a first-overall pick by the Bengals, while Dak was a fourth-round pick by the Cowboys. Burrow was drafted to be a day-one starter, while Dak was drafted to back up Tony Romo, only getting his chance following an injury to Romo. Of course, a lot has happened since both of these guys were drafted. They have both suffered horrible injuries of their own, and bounced back from them.

The difference between the two really starts to show itself in the postseason. One can argue that in the regular season, Dak has put up better numbers on average than Burrow. In the postseason, though, Dak has only won two games and has never been to a conference championship game. Burrow, who was drafted four years after Dak and drafted to a team with the worst record in the NFL, has already been to two conference championships and to one Super Bowl. Quarterbacks should be measured by much more than their regular season statistics, so there is absolutely no comparison between these two players.

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If I were to be given a choice between Burrow or Dak to lead my team in the playoffs, I would choose Burrow 10 times out of 10. He is a proven winner at every level and continues to only get better as a QB. Dak has been in the league since 2016 and continues to disappoint when it matters most.